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Work more, to earn more, to waste more, to borrow more, to work more. Until death happens.

In short, that’s how the dogma of growth translates, for most of us.

What has growth ever meant to us ?

More cement. More towers. More motorways. More cars.

More gadgets. More loans. More screens. More bureaucracy.

‘More’ being intrinsically enough to justify the outgrowths of growth.

The human waste of growth, the natural waste of growth are pure insignificances when compared to the GDP.

Secondary effects of little importance to the dogma.

This is how a dogma differs from a theory.

It does not take secondary effects seriously. They are relegated to the bin of thinking.

Dogmas do not accept feed-back, even from reality.

Also, the dogma of growth is narrowing our thinking to children’s arithmetics. Reducing complex societies to simplistic numbers. How can it be, that scientists would never dare reducing the well-being of one individual to a number, but that reducing the interaction of billions of individuals to a single productivity indicator is well accepted practice ? Associating the destiny of diverse societies to a number, hasn’t this become a western, non rigorous, normative obsession ? Non rigorous and obsessive, is this fanaticism ?

The fanaticism of growth is such that it is impossible to listen to a radio or a TV without the dogma being mentioned, the latest news of the GDP being religiously broadcasted.

It has replaced everything else, and is the thermometer of life itself -except it does not locate anywhere special. Almost updated on the hour. And immediately released to the dead impatient public.

How was the GDP today ? How does the grand priest of GDP sees the future ?

Shall we sacrifice further flesh for the grand GDP ?

Shall we restructure for growth ?

What did the grand priest of the GDP in Asia said about our GDP yesterday ?

What does the grand priest of the GDP in America plan for our GDP tomorrow ?

What if our GDP is not bigger than theirs ?

What if our GDP deflates ?

This is how seriously and deeply we mainly debate the future of our society.

Leaving it to the growth-clowns to entertain us.

Have we learned by now what happens when 6 billion brains are simultaneously taken over by the fever ? Have we learned by now that global fanaticism of growth is lethal ? Have we learned that the dogma of growth implicitly activates cupidity from Sydney to Montreal ? Dangerously destabilizing societies. Turning individuals into enemies.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more.

    How can it be that our prosperity is only based on always producing more. We don’t need more – more clothes, more food, more cars etc.

    How about basing our prosperity on producing better – quality food, non-polluting cars, fewer but better consumption goods in general.

    A lasting society cannot be based on an ever increasing level of consumption – in the long run all we do is ruin our habitat and deplete the earth of its wealth and beauty.


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