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Pollution of the self, egos at threat, engineering consent

The predominant consumerist culture exacerbates individualism and the cult of the self. Pride, jealousy, narcissism, are being encouraged and amplified, egos are made to feel at threat artificially. In order to make us run faster, raise less questions and buy more. Marketing is about creating new profitable needs, not fulfilling us, nor imagining our future.

The same way, the volume of music has become intolerably high in most shops, in order to sell more, our egos are constantly polluted by artificial threats or conditioning. This big car will protect our family, this smart phone will make us more competitive, while this jacket will attract more partners. Without them we are just losers and do not stand a chance in western society. Our egos are constantly destabilized by targeted strategic advertising, for us to feel exactly as planned and reach the feverish must-buy state. In the space of 10 minutes of TV adverts, we are made to feel too fat, too big, too bold, too small, too old, too stupid, too poor, compared to the unarguable model. Our self is under constant assaults of consumerist insults. We are targeted 24/7, whatever the medium. Our brains have to handle this background pollution on the bus, at work, at home, when listening to the radio, watching TV, reading the papers. There is hardly any public or private space left without consumerist line commands, or pornographic incentive implants incarnated by the latest top models. We must remain on the vulnerable reptilian mode as long as possible, on the verge of the must-buy fever and ready for rewarding adrenaline shots.

Mass customized bodies

We are even losing ownership of our bodies and of its shape, now under the scrutiny and control of the consumerist culture and its “experts”. We became literally body builders, under the direction of architects who know better than us the way our bodies should look like and dictate the adoption of new prostheses. Our bodies became the favorite prey of marketing vultures, turning us into body obsessed imbeciles. Our mass customized bodies and anti-ageing illusions have become the new coal mine of the century and the cult of the body the necessary condition for the exploitation of that new mine. Our egos are so conditioned that we can hardly own freely our bodies any more. Our breasts or biceps have no choice but grow, absorb silicone and creatine and pay their dividends to the grand GDP. Since the customization of our bodies generate economic growth, why complaint ? We must reject and fight ageing with the most expensive and inefficient creams. We must look younger whatever the price. The cult of the body has become so central and such an evidence in our consumerist culture, that injection of poison in our bodies is becoming a benign consumerist practice. It is all about freedom of expression, state our cosmetics gurus and GDP soldiers. Under the threat of being marginalized, we must buy all these aesthetics or power and virility prostheses. We consent to do so under the massive psychological pressures exercised on us. Is this consent ? Is this engineered consent ? Is this consent under psychological yet torture ?

Have we heard of another culture that went so far deep in the flesh and mind, for the sake of piling gold? In the west the conditioning of the mind is so intense, that it lost control of the body and delegates the task to consumerist gurus. Ego and body prostheses have become the fuel of western economies. So far, we agreed with this disrespectful and irresponsible destabilization of our selves in the name of the overarching dogma of growth at any cost -if it generates GDP, it can’t be wrong.

The carrot of luxury is another obvious conditioning, an old, insidious yet powerful drive to accept anything in return. We must envy luxury and luxury is made to be enviable. In the west, luxury equals happiness and perfection, without question. The sign equal is even the trade mark of our western culture. This is how far we went.

In the west, the self, the ego, is being forced out of balance, by market forces and the ego’s Trojan horse called marketing. The induced imbalance of the self results in compulsive consumerism, fashion bulimia, cult of the body, and political disengagement. None of the latest are fatality falling from the sky.

The obvious risks of turning us into body obsessed maniacs, of intensifying narcissism, of deepening individualism, of demultiplying solitudes, of developing compulsive aggressivity, of fading social links, of altering eroticism, do not seem to be a problem at all for mass consumerism preachers, as long as cash is flowing and society remains politically dead cristal.

Marketing does not care about collateral damages and deny them all.

Responsibility, consent

Individual responsibility remains, but the consumerist whip is constantly looking at ways to interfere. Individual responsibility remains but under massive pressure by the dominant ideology -sell more whatever the price. Of course, consumerism has a massive responsibility for the mess we are in, including for the rise of the new religion: in debt, we trust. Consciously forcing an impossible sell, such as an expensive house, this is deliberate fraud. Our decision making process, our consent is engineered by an army of professionals. Who is responsible for a silly enforced decision ? Who is responsible for the credit crunch ? Which side of the debt contraction ? Can a debt contractor sell us an impossible credit on purpose, without taking any responsibility ? Mass consumerism is about overruling our decision making process, be it for buying a house, or a lipstick. That is fucking political. Shaking our egos all over, up until we sign the cheque.

Is this, consent, or engineered consent ?

The pollution of the self, the torture of the ego, by mass consumerism has been totally ignored, the same way climate change and pollution of ecosystems were ignored. Our own mental ecosystem called the brain, is infiltrated by consumerism, 24/7/365, including on Christmas day. Christmas, the day dedicated to spirituality and human bonds in western tradition, has lost any other meaning than piling colorful presents. And guessing their monetary values while stuffing as much expensive food as possible.

Are we not living times of merchants in the temple ?

Surely, the only concept left to qualify intrusion, to such a scale and depth, is : pollution.

Pollution of the self by mass consumerism.

Some people do not seem to care. And their only recipe to any crisis, debt and consumerism crisis, energy crisis, environmental crisis, population crisis, will always be: more consumption. Without scruples, they seem to be able to delink fast-bad-food and obesity. Without scruples, they deny the link between generalized aggressive cupidity and reptilian capitalism. While aggressive cupidity is the condition we must endorse for reptilian capitalism to function. Our selves are given no option. They must obey the conditioning.

Who cares if Christmas has turned into a consumerist circus ?

Who cares if every human bond implodes under the pressure of such conditioning, as long as we reach the 3% annual growth target.

How fucking expensive a target for mankind though.

Fragilizing our egos in order to sell us limitless number of prostheses. This is mass consumerism. Alienation sold as emancipation.

This cannot be “development”.

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